Hempcrete Block System

Hempcrete Block System


Once you have built a house using “hempcrete” walls, many other ecological materials are available.  The Canadian company JustBioFiber  www.justbiofiber.com has developed a block building system that fits together like Lego.  These are standard dimension blocks that are fire and insect proof, R-40 insulation, structural and cost competitive with standard building methods.

This system can be managed with woodworking tools and carpentry experience.  Blocks are pre-formed for wiring and plumbing runs. The skill required to lay these blocks is very simple and straight forward. Because they lock into each other, and require no mortar joints, construction is fast and efficient.

Their first project completed was a luxury home on Sooke Island in B.C.  Very ambitious and successful.. the finished home is beautiful.  You can find more details on the "Harmless Home" on their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/harmlesshome/


EcoLock280Second project is a five storey commercial building in B.C. that promises to be a green off-grid facility.

Just Bio Fiber is completing Canadian Standards Association (CSA) testing on their RSS block system. Once completed, this will allow the use of hempcrete blocks in any residential or commercial building in Canada. They have received carbon-negative certification on this innovation paving the way for carbon credits in major construction projects.

Development of a local system requires about 10,000 acres of industrial hemp to supply the factory. Each location can produce up to 1,000,000 blocks per year.  Capital investment costs would be around $10M (CDN) to build a factory to supply local building projects.  Interesting note is that all of the fiber that gets produced is a bonus - hempcrete uses only the inner core of the stalk.  This increases the value of the crop down on the farm and provides another revenue stream.



The Just BioFiber Block building system is very cost effective and quick to construct, lowering labor costs and time to completion.

  • Strong vertical load bearing compression strength
  • High Insulation value
  • Very fire resistant > 2 hour rating, 0 flame 0 smoke spread
  • Easy handling with a solid feel, 13 kg (28.7 lbs) per block
  • Breathable, Non-Toxic walls that are moisture and air permeable
    • air permeability <0.002 L/s/m2
    • humidity permeability 23 gm/m2/mm hg
  • Regulates temperature and humidity while retaining heat
  • Acoustic properties Mean Acoustic Absorption Coefficient 0.10-0.55 NRC (Depending on coatings)
  • Acoustic properties STC 32-42 dB (Depending on coatings)
  • You can help the planet; captures 130kg CO2/m3 with a Life Cycle Assessment of -108 kg CO2/m
  • Life Cycle Assesment for Embodied Energy of 421 MJ/m2 and Embodied Carbon -17.6 kg/m2
  • Low labour costs and rapid construction; Labour is estimated at 32 sqft or 1 m/ man hour
  • Interlocking design can be overlapped and turned 90 degrees for corners and intersecting walls
  • Blocks can be cut in the field using hand or power tools; windows, jams and fixtures attach directly using ceramic coated screws
  • Longevity, the building will last for over 100 years
  • Insect and mold resistant
  • Blocks are made using industrial hemp and lime without portland cement
  • Internal structural frames are made using advanced composites that are fire resistant without any (Red List) toxic ingredients

Specifications are subject to change as new and improved binders and processes are developed.

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