Knot Plastic Manufacturing

Knot Plastic Manufacturing

KnotPlasticIntroIt is time for change. Government bodies with growing deficits and the United Nations’ green economy initiatives have been tasked with reversing the ill effects of climate change, improper waste management and water pollution. Though there’s some positive momentum, these efforts seem insignificant and slow-moving considering the profound negative impacts industrialization has had on the environment on a global scale. Many companies realize they need to take matters in their own hands in order to effect change.

Enter Knot Plastic, a company manufacturing products composed of plant-based materials that contain zero petroleum. Our daily lives are saturated with harmful plastics, and at times it feels impossible to avoid them. Despite gloomy statistics about chemicals leaching into groundwater and carcinogens in many plastics, their prevalence worldwide continues. Knot Plastic is triple-certified biodegradable in marine debris, industrial plant and home composting categories.

This guarantee translates to minimal impacts to the earth’s valuable resources, along with peace of mind and pride for companies that are taking an active role in preserving nature’s bounty.

With budget-friendly tooling capabilities and customized injection moulding for both large and small contracts, Knot Plastic KnotPlasticFactory
provides a much desired plant-based alternative that’s certified as biobased by the USDA, and composter-approved by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance. In addition to offering biodegradable, compostable alternatives to plastic bags, Knot Plastic continues to scour the market for opportunities to innovate and make a positive impact. Most recently, Knot Plastic began producing premium biodegradable tubes and containers for use in the legal cannabis industry, a sector projected to reach over $70 billion dollars by the year 2027.


KnotPlasticOceanAligning itself with green business principles, CannaSystems is set to change the landscape of hemp farming. Current methods of hemp production involve expensive hammer mills that leave much of the residual plant stalk in the fields as a wasted by-product. By incorporating the CannaSystems decorticator into farming systems, that by-product can be salvaged and used in a multitude of items such as textiles, particle board, roofing shingles and cellulose products. Just as chefs emphasize the need for nose-to-tail eating to reduce waste in the food and agriculture industry; CannaSystems believes it’s integral to use hemp resources to their fullest, which in turn creates multiple product streams (and increased income) for hard-working farmers.

Forward-thinking initiatives in the farming and manufacturing sectors are urgently needed at this time in the earth’s age as our environment struggles to maintain the health of its ecosystems due to the barrage of obstacles we continue to throw in its path. Knot Plastic and CannaSystems are leading the way with mindful, long-term solutions.


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