Industry Reports

Industry Reports

Current reports on the cannabis industry from various regions: Canada, Europe, India, China and the US.  

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European Hemp IndustryGrowing areas from Europe 2014




AgriFoodCanadaReport from AgriFood Canada on hemp seed grain as a food crop.



AlbertHempMarektCosts2012Report on cost of hemp production in Alberta, Canada.





Genome Biology: Cannabis genome - mapping the genetic structure.



CarbonWarRoomCarbon War Room: Impact of the cement industry on CO2 emissions.



ChinaHempProductionHemp Fibre production in China.

China produces 70% of the world supply.  



European Market Data


IndiaHempProductionIndia Industrial Hemp Association



US Farm Act: 2015




Carbon Nanosheets from Hemp





Hembuild Hemclad

Hempcrete Building Systems






Hemp Windrowing Machinery




Internation Hempcrete Resources

USA - Canada - Australia




Hemp Retting: Study





 Cellulose Fuel Technology

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